Why Do Puppies Like Footwear So A lot?

Why do puppies like footwear a lot??? In the event you’re a first-time proprietor otherwise you’ve had your canine since their puppyhood, you’ll have observed that they gravitate in the direction of your private belongings… particularly your footwear! Why is that this? And how will you defend your Jimmy Choos? Let’s have a look! 

why do puppies like shoes

Why Do Puppies Like Footwear So A lot?

Puppies like footwear for 2 main causes; teething and the scent of the footwear. Yep, the scent! 

Nonetheless, it’s additionally price noting that in case you get upset along with your pup over their chewing, they’re more likely to do it once more after they’re feeling naughty. In any case, they’ve found out that they get a response out of you after they do it. So in the event that they’ve chowed down in your footwear earlier than, this could possibly be a motive why they proceed to do it. However let’s stick with the 2 essential causes that they begin within the first place. 


Teething is a course of that every one child mammals undergo, during which their milk enamel fall out in order that their grownup enamel develop in. It usually lasts between 6-8 months and feels very uncomfortable, even painful at occasions. 

Chewing on issues is thought to be the one factor that relieves the discomfort puppies really feel throughout teething, which is why they chew every little thing excessively throughout this stage of their improvement. 

Your scent

The rationale that so many puppies prefer to chew on footwear specifically is as a result of they scent such as you – and so they love you! Everyone knows that canines have a superior sense of scent, and our footwear scent significantly strongly of us as a result of our toes sweat a lot all through the day. 

Though it’s annoying to have your footwear ruined, that is truly fairly endearing and explains why it usually occurs once we’re not round. It might even be a manner on your pup to attempt to bond with you as a result of they’re mixing their scent with yours. 

Chewing can be recognized to be a stress reliever for canines, so as a result of your footwear scent such as you, chewing them can also ease any stress they really feel about their discomfort. So, while it might be irritating in case your pup will get maintain of your belongings, attempt to not get upset over it. 

As an alternative, be sure you put your chewable belongings out of your pet’s attain and look into strategies of teething reduction and deterrents on your house, in addition to coaching your pup what’s and isn’t theirs to chew. 

Why do puppies like socks? 

Puppies usually like chewing on our socks, and actually any sort of soiled laundry, for a similar causes that they like chewing on our footwear, they’re enjoyable to chew and so they scent like us. So, it’s form of a praise! 

How can I cease my pet from chewing my footwear?

In the event you don’t need your pup to chew your footwear, maintain them someplace out of attain! Nonetheless, if their chewing is changing into damaging, there are issues that you are able to do. Let’s check out what they’re. 

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Teething gels

Most pet shops promote teething gels for puppies that may be utilized topically to the gums to alleviate their ache and discomfort. The gels comprise pure and attractive soothing properties, like chamomile and clove, that work to appease aching gums and reduce the necessity to chew. 

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Teething sprays

There are additionally sprays that you could purchase to spray round your own home and deter your pup from chewing in your family furnishings and objects. They work by ensuring areas and issues within the house scent unappealing to puppies to discourage chewing. 

They’re made up of all-natural, non-toxic elements like citrus and vinegar that canines don’t like and are innocent to your pup and your own home. 

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We suggest that you simply practice your pet on what’s and isn’t yours to chew. It’s by no means too early to begin coaching, and you are able to do this by redirecting “naughty” chewing to constructive chewing, comparable to their toys, and rewarding them after they’re getting it proper. 

It’ll take time, however within the meantime, it’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain their variety of toys small till they perceive the principles. If they’ve too many, it might make them suppose that every little thing is theirs to chew on!

Present good alternate options

Lastly, just be sure you present your pup with loads of chew toys and treats to offer them an outlet for his or her wants. It is best to stick with chew toys designed for puppies and keep away from giving them something that could be a choking hazard, comparable to rope toys and smooth toys with stuffing. These supplies can be harmful on your pup if swallowed.

There are additionally loads of business chew treats, however just be sure you purchase ones made for puppies and never grownup canines, in any other case, they might upset your pup’s little tummy. Alternatively, in case you fancy one thing do-it-yourself, you possibly can attempt placing a carrot within the freezer as a substitute. 

Ought to I punish my teething pet for chewing my footwear?

No! It is best to by no means punish a teething pet for chewing one thing that doesn’t belong to them. We perceive that it may be very irritating, however they don’t seem to be making an attempt to be naughty and it isn’t private. Your pup is simply performing on their instincts, they don’t perceive the principles but. They’re additionally in discomfort, in order that they deserve your endurance and understanding. 

As an alternative, attempt redirecting your pup’s unhealthy chewing to one thing that belongs to them and reward them after they get it proper. Canines be taught greatest from constructive reinforcement, and punishing them for one thing can’t but perceive is unsuitable will simply confuse them.

In case you are actually cross along with your pet, the perfect factor that you are able to do is put them in timeout or ignore them by avoiding eye contact, not talking to them, and crossing your arms. Canines are masters of physique language and younger pups thrive off of consideration, so this sends a a lot clearer message than yelling or getting upset. 

Bringing this kind of consideration to what your pup has finished can also encourage them to do it once more after they’re feeling bored or hungry for consideration – which could be very usually in mischievous kids! 

What do I do if my pet ate my shoe?

In case your pet has managed to chunk off and swallow some small elements of your shoe, don’t panic. Puppies swallow every kind of issues and are normally wonderful. Nonetheless, if they’ve eaten a big portion of the shoe or are displaying indicators of ache, discomfort, or having a abdomen concern, comparable to problem going to the bathroom, it is best to name or take them to the vet straight away. 

Consuming issues they shouldn’t can result in inner accidents and obstructions, which want pressing medical remedy. 

Why is my grownup canine nonetheless chewing a lot?

While they develop out of teething, canines discover the world with their mouths and can at all times take pleasure in chewing, irrespective of how outdated they get. That is solely pure and it’s also a very good factor. 

Chewing is a pure and wholesome manner for canines to launch extra vitality and helps them to alleviate stress. It additionally contributes to good dental hygiene as chewing scrapes plaque from the enamel and washes away micro organism, stopping tartar build-up and dental illness. 

Heavy chewers

Sure breeds are additionally naturally heavier chewers than others. Bully breeds, for instance, are typically heavy chewers as a result of they have been bred to combat, so it’s of their DNA to make use of their super-strong jaws. In case you have a heavy chewer, comparable to a Pitbull or Bulldog, ensure you’re offering ample retailers for his or her chewing wants. 

If common chew treats and toys aren’t slicing it on your canine, look into harder toys and more difficult sorts of chews like bully sticks, antler chews, in addition to spring poles on your yard. 

While the thought of heavy chewing may fear you, it’s a lot, a lot better to permit your canine to train their instincts in a wholesome manner than to repress them and allow them to change into damaging.

Harmful chewing

That mentioned, any canine’s chewing can change into damaging if they’ve an excessive amount of pent-up vitality or stress, even when they’re well-trained. Boredom is among the most typical causes for damaging behaviors in canines, so take into account in case your canine is getting sufficient train and psychological stimulation via every day play and social interplay.

That is why damaging chewing is very widespread in tremendous clever breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds, as they have a tendency to get bored a lot extra simply than different canines. 

Why do puppies like our footwear a lot? As a result of they scent like us – and so they love us! Though the teething section could be extremely irritating for house owners, it’s necessary to keep in mind that it’s a needed a part of their improvement. Be sure you defend your belongings as greatest you’ll be able to, practice your pup nicely, and get them what they should assist them via this robust section.